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The clothes you wear can speak volumes about who you are and how you want to be seen by others, regardless of whether they match your outfit or not. Different clothes convey different things and meanings, often even if you don’t intend them to say anything in particular – so what does your style say about you? Here are some common streetwear styles and what they mean when it comes to how you want to be perceived.


What Are Street Styles:

Fashion has always been an expression of self, but there is something unique about streetwear. Think of it as athleisure gone wild. Street styles have created their own fashion subculture that some people have a hard time understanding. But if you look past its rebellious appearance, street style has its own set of style rules—and they’re not as complicated as they seem. The best way to grasp how street styles work and why they matter is to compare them to high-end fashion: Both places an emphasis on bold patterns and loud colors; however, with street styles, these elements aren’t limited to runways but worn by everyday people everywhere. At their core, both industries want to make individuals feel empowered by expressing themselves through clothing.

Street Style is more than Fashion:

Many people view streetwear as an expensive fashion trend, but there’s actually a lot more to it than that. When someone wears jeans and t-shirt they often do so out of habit and/or comfort. We don’t necessarily think much about our outfits—we just put on what we feel like wearing that day. Some people have ways of expressing themselves with their clothing through brands or logos; some don’t. It comes down to personal preference and is ultimately up to each individual person how they want their clothing to reflect them as a person. But your style choices will likely say something about you no matter what! For example, seeing someone in office attire says something completely different from seeing them in gym attire—and both may be perfectly acceptable. Fashion trends change over time which means at one point your favorite color might be in style while another time your favorite color might be considered outdated or cliche. But no matter where fashions go or come from they’ll never stop providing us with opportunities to express ourselves and our individuality however we choose!

Some Inspirations on Personal Style:

Fashion is an important aspect of streetwear, but it’s more than just wearing what everyone else is wearing. The clothing that we choose to wear often reveals how we want to be perceived by others and vice versa. Your clothes also reflect your tastes, preferences, interests and personality in general. Here’s a short list of things that might give people insight into your personal style: How you carry yourself while dressed up or down? Do you strike a power pose? Are there particular styles of clothing that never seem to make it out of your closet? What do other people think when they see you wearing these items? For example, does someone pull on one side of their face every time they see you rocking your favorite t-shirt? If so, why do they do that and what does it mean? Do certain items make them smile or cringe instead of making eye contact with them after taking notice at how great they look. Are there pieces in your wardrobe that no one ever seems to compliment on (but should)? Maybe these are some items worth storing away! By thinking about questions like these, you can better understand what type of personal style fits best for YOU—and help others understand themselves too!\


Why Streetwear Should be Part of Your Life as an Individual:

Streetwear isn’t just an interest or hobby for some people, it’s something that comes close to their identity. It creates meaning in their lives and helps them define themselves and others around them. Streetwear is one of those rare things in life where what you wear actually represents how you feel on a regular basis. If someone were to look at your outfit, they could glean insight into your personality, interests, and overall identity in more ways than they may realize. Wearing streetwear is more than just owning cool looking clothing. It makes up an essential part of your existence as a human being. You’re wearing a piece of yourself with every pair of shoes you buy. That may sound incredibly dramatic, but think about it: The average person only has so many outfits before starting over again with new ones. But there are hundreds if not thousands of different variations on each outfit because there are so many brands out there offering unique takes on each genre. You don’t know what else is out there until you look into it further by trying new brands and getting creative with your outfits. As time goes by, streetwear becomes more intertwined with your sense of self-expression through style until finally becoming part of who you are as an individual.


Photo by – Pat Campbell

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