Fashion and Identity: The Rise of Streetwear in Semarang

Unveiling the Phenomenon:
Examining High- End Streetwear Fashion Among Semarang City Millennials

In a recent publication by the American Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Research( AJHSSR), Deny Pramita Ayu Suraya and Bunga Febrina from the London School of Public Relations Jakarta present a study that delves into the elaboration of high- end streetwear fashion among millennials in Semarang City, Indonesia. This exploration focuses on the verbal communication expressed through streetwear fashion, aiming to understand its rapid-fire growth and the gests of millennials associated with wearing famed brand markers.

Descriptive Approach and the Communication proposition of Identity

exercising a descriptive system with a qualitative approach, the study draws upon Michael Hecht’s communication proposition about identity. Hecht’s proposition introduces four layers of streetwear fashion that contribute to an existent’s identity particular, enactment, relational, and collaborative. Through their findings, the study reveals that streetwear fashion evokes specific feelings among Semarang City millennials, making it a sought- after form of tone- expression and identity conformation.

Layers of Identity:
The Personal, Enactment, Relational, and Communal Aspects of Streetwear Fashion

Streetwear fashion embodies multiple layers of identity. The particular subcaste reflects an existent’s tone- expression and particular style choices. The enactment subcaste involves how streetwear fashion is embodied and performed by the wear and tear. The relational subcaste explores the social relations and connections formed through streetwear fashion, while the collaborative subcaste examines how streetwear fashion becomes a part of larger artistic movements and mores.

Emotive Expressions:
Streetwear Fashion’s Impact on the feelings of Semarang City Millennials

The study highlights the emotional impact of streetwear fashion on Semarang City millennials. Streetwear fashion provides a means of tone- expression and allows individualities to showcase their particular style, leading to a sense of tone- appreciation and confidence. Wearing high- end streetwear brands also generates a feeling of prestige and exclusivity, contributing to positive emotional gests among millennials.

Fashion Trends in Flux:
Constant elaboration and Public Admiration

Fashion trends in the streetwear assiduity are constantly evolving and garnering admiration from the public. Contrivers continuously introduce, blending once styles with contemporary rudiments to capture attention and add unique value to streetwear fashion. This dynamic nature of fashion contributes to its appeal among millennials, who are drawn to the ever- changing trends and expressions of individuality.

The Rise of” Hypebeast” Culture:
Everyday Style and Trend Hunting

The term” Hypebeast” refers to individualities who avidly follow streetwear fashion and everyday style trends. These trend nimrods are attracted to the artistic significance and tone- expression offered by streetwear fashion. Streetwear brands convey dispatches of breaking the establishment and kindling a counterculture, which resonates with the youth and fosters a sense of community among streetwear suckers.

Roots and Growth:
Tracing the Origins and Global Competition of Streetwear Fashion

Streetwear fashion began from the influences of hipsterism hop, skateboarding, civic cultures, and sports in the 90s. Over time, it has evolved and expanded encyclopedically, getting a fiercely competitive request. famed brands like Vans, Bape, Champion, Supreme, Off White, Stussy, and Nike dominate the streetwear scene, feeding to the demands of fashion-conscious millennials worldwide.

Luxury as an Experience:
Blurring Boundaries in High- End Streetwear

Despite the high cost, the appeal of high- end streetwear brands lies in the experience they offer. Luxury fashion is no longer solely about retaining exclusive particulars but also about the experience and prestige associated with it. Millennials

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