Last summer marked a remarkable chapter for us, with a collection that resonated vibrancy, exclusivity, and charm.

Among the highlights were captivating visuals capturing the essence of our drop, featuring an exclusive bag tailored specifically for our physical stands and a delightful jersey adorned with the endearing image of our beloved red panda.



The Exclusive Bag

from the drop

One standout from our summer offering was the exclusive bag, meticulously crafted and available predominantly at our physical stands.

Its design encapsulated the essence of the season, blending practicality with an exclusive allure that became an instant favorite among our patrons.

The Adorable Red Panda Jersey

A charming addition to our collection was the red panda jersey, a garment that quickly won hearts with its endearing design.

The playful yet sophisticated appeal of the red panda captured on this jersey became an emblem of our summer line, adding a touch of whimsy to wardrobes.

As we reminisce about our last summer drop, these snapshots serve as a testament to the creativity and dedication woven into every aspect of our collection.
The exclusive bag and the endearing red panda jersey were just glimpses of the craftsmanship and uniqueness we strive to offer. Stay tuned for more captivating drops and exclusive creations to elevate your style and bring joy to your wardrobe.
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